Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hard work

Mothering a newborn and toddler is hard work! Whew! I didn't sleep much last night as expected. I took a little nap this morning but I kept waking up when I'd hear Claire running through the house or having a meltdown. Mark enjoyed a nap with Emily lying on his chest yesterday afternoon.

I'm trying to figure out the scale. It is extremely sensitive to movement. I finally got a solid reading of 4 lbs 13.2oz. I think Emily is getting enough milk since she has lots of wet diapers. I haven't started logging feeds and diapers like we did for Claire, but I'd like to. Most of the time I don't feel stressed about it. Except during the night. I thought I might give her more bottles at first since that is what she was used to in the NICU and she was getting 27 calories/ounce. But I find bottle feeding to be frustrating. I am much more used to nursing her since I've been doing it daily whereas I only gave her one bottle in the NICU. (The nurses and speech therapist gave all her bottles.)

It's hard to find the time and energy to pump. I'm pumping now while Emily listens to the wave radio station. Claire is with her dad. They spent the last hour in the back yard and now she's going to eat then nap.


Kathy said...

Life with a toddler and newborn is VERY VERY hard, especially at first...BUT you have also the added difficulty of two special situations and their delicateness. I am praying for you. With much thanksgiving for God's protection and mercy on Emily and for strength and peace for you and Mark as you figure out what works for YOUR family and the people God has put in it.

Anonymous said...

Will you eventually just nurse Em and not pump? I'm so thankful the nursing is going well for you!! Yes, it is harder with two, but you will find what works. Love always, Mom

Anonymous said...

This is a BIGGER WOW-WEE than ever I think!! Yes, my two are 2 yrs/5 mos apart, and I was blessed that ALex didn't have the difficulties that Chelsea did. But is is A LOT! And to top it off, he was born in JANUARY in VT so it was hauling a newborn in the carseat while dragging a 2 yr old hand in 3 ft of snow and 20 below zero (not kidding). Am glad Chels is moving to So Carolina before Jack arrives. I will call SOON and see when I can come and pinch Emily. May you and Mark get tons of REST... or 1/2 ton.
xoxox Linda