Saturday, October 25, 2008


I am grateful to God for all the help we've had from Claire and Emily's grandparents over the past 4 months through my bed rest and Emily's 11 week NICU stay. Claire has had a very rich life being cared for by people who love her dearly. In spite of the difficulties Claire has thrived and developed beautifully. She is much more independent and more articulate. She has been happy and well behaved most of the time. She has enjoyed so many fun activities baking scones and muffins with her grandmas, tea parties and picnics outside, swinging on the new swing, playing with water in the back yard, helping with chores, going to the park, the museum and My Gym, not to mention her big girl adventure in Arizona. Many thanks to Mark's Dad who baled us out this last week and took care of Claire while I was with Emily in the hospital and helped us keep our kitchen clean and repaired and installed kitchen windows.

I am also grateful to God for Emily's health and development. I am grateful that she is nursing, and thankful that she is home. It is so different being with her all the time. I see her so differently. We are getting to know each other. She is very sweet and thankfully not very fussy so far.

Claire is having a bit of difficulty adjusting to me being occupied with Emily so much of the time. Since I'm here all the time now she wants my undivided attention a lot. I try to have some alone time with Claire each day and give her extra affection. She is interested in Emily and enjoys touching her baby sister and rubbing her cheek on Emily's soft hair. She exclaims about how tiny Emily is. Her sleep recently has been troubled but last night was much better. She slept till 5:10 am and then went back to sleep till 6:30


Anonymous said...

It has been an amazing 4 months for all of us! One tiny life can touch so many lives and teach us so much. We thank God for Emily's precious life! We thank God for the grace He has given us all to do our part and the wonderful memories of shared experiences we now have. Emily is very blessed to have a mom and dad like Mark and Jen and Claire for a sister. Thanks for the new pics! Gratefully, Nanna

Anonymous said...

We love the pictures and Emily and Claire updates. It sounds as if the girls and dad are finally settling in at home, which is such a blessing. Hope to see all of you before the holidays!! They are approaching very quickly! xoxo Linda