Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The end is in sight

Emily's Doctor says she may be able to come home Tues afternoon.

Emily had a very trying day Monday. She had an MRI for which she had to be sedated. They had to give her two doses of the meds to get her to go to sleep. They had to put it an IV as back up. UGH! They didn't tell me this in advance. She also got an injection for immunizations. And she had an eye exam. After the eye exam she had a Brady. (The only one she's had in weeks.) The nurse said that this is fairly common after the eye exam and that they will want to keep her for 24 hours after this episode to make sure she is ok. Unfortunately I was not able to be with her to comfort her in teh midst of all this because I was Claire's sole companion till about 1pm when Mark's dad took over.

Claire is having a terrible night so far. I'm pumping right now after already getting up with her twice. The firs time it took over 30 mins to get her back to sleep and the second time I spent 45 mins ans still couldn't get her to stay asleep so I took her to Mark. I don't hear anything now, so I think she is asleep. May she sleep till morning.

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