Saturday, October 04, 2008

All day at the hospital

I spent all day at the hospital with Emily today. Emily is slowly making progress with breastfeeding. She nursed for about 45mins at 9:00 this morning. At 12 noon she was too sleepy. At 3:00 I didn't burp her soon enough and she had a big spit up. but at nearly 4pm she nursed for a little while while she was getting formula through the tube. At 9pm the nurse had already awakened her and changed her before I got there and as soon as I picked her up she was ready to go back to sleep. I am annoyed about this. I did enjoy holding her skin to skin while she was tube fed. I also did Kangaroo Care from 2-3 in the afternoon.

Pray for her to overcome her current anemic state. Her hemoglobin levels have been low for a week or so. They are giving her iron supplements to try to help her overcome this but her bone marrow has to kick in and produce more red blood cells... or she'll need another transfusion.

Pray also for her to be able to gain 15-30 grams per day while nursing. Yesterday she gained 2 grams and today she gained 6 grams.

Claire and Nana and Daddy had a field trip to the museum. Mark says, "I really enjoyed spending the day with little B today. Every week she develops new skills. She walked up some stairs without crawling." Claire had a blast in the pretend archeological dig site in the discovery zone in the basement of the museum.

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