Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more feeding

Yesterday Emily took about half fer feeding by mouth. Including one breastfeeding using the supplemental nurser in which she just about emptied it. She struggled at some points and seemed to get frustrated. I tried again in a different position without the tubes and she was a happy camper. Her weight gain is still not consistent. They sent another breast milk sample to the lab for testing. I should know the results by tomorrow. I think she may gain better on fortified breast milk.
I had a neck ache yesterday after holding Emily for a couple of hours. It's feeling better today. I did some stretching and Mark gave me a massage.

Claire is having a great time with her grandparents in AZ. One big challenge is her sleeping. She has been waking up in the wee hours and then not able to stay asleep for an hour or more after that. We miss her cheery voice around the house.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another update on Emily's feeds. Glad Mark's taking good care of you. Will pray for Claire's (and Nanu and Papa's) sleep. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

We will ALL pray for Claire's sleep. Maybe Santa's elves need less sleep than regular children....?? It's worth considering! How are Emilys sleeping patterns? Am SO GLAD feedings sound more and more positive. Time to feed the horses... they are neglected due to my clay studies. I started my 4th class today!! xoxLinda