Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New room

When I arrived at 8:45 Emily was awake and fussing a bit. I changed her diaper and took her temperature. she seemed to like the attention and stopped fussing. Then I got her settled on my lap and the latched on right away and began sucking. She nursed well at the 9:00 am feeding. She is now 4 lbs even. She has doubled her birth weight. She is now in the nursery. This is an overflow room where they put NICU babies who are doing very well. There are only three babies in there and it is the home of the rocker/glider that I have been looking forward to using. It will be nice to out of the hubbub of the NICU. (Although yesterday in room C I had a very pleasant day. I knew all three nurses and they worked well together and were very helpful and friendly to me.)

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Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Emily's nursing abilities. Keep up the good work, Mom. The elusive glider? How nice for you.