Monday, October 06, 2008


Emily and I got coaching from a speech therapist today at the 9am feeding. She said Emily has a good suck and is swallowing just fine. She also noticed that Emily was making a funny clicking sound as she nursed. She said it sound like Emily is retracting her tongue. She suggested letting her suck on my finger between feedings and gently push down on her tongue as she sucks. I tried this. Just before leaving this evening, I was talking about this with a new travel nurse who was in the nursery with us half the day today. She has been a parent educator in hospitals elsewhere. She said Emily is probably not latching on correctly but has her tongue up instead of down when she latches on. I think the same nurse will be with us tomorrow and am eager for help getting a correct latch on.

Emily's hemoglobin was up a little so they are holding off on the transfusion.

Emily nursed well 3 times today. 9am 3pm and 6pm. I decided to stay home and go to bed early this evening instead of trying for three feedings in a row.

I plan to contact some La Leche league people about the latching problem too.


Katie Jones said...

Luke had (and still sometimes has) a clicking sound when he nurses. We discovered the reason that he does it is because sometimes he can't handle my flow of milk. It is called a forceful letdown. Essentially, he can't handle how fast the milk is coming, so he stops it briefly with his tongue, which produces the clicking noise.

Praying for you and Emily.

Anonymous said...

Hello Girls and Guy! I am so glad to see all of this progress in the past week!! WOW-WEEEE!!!! FOUR pounds! That is so wonderful. You have the patience of a saint, my dear. I remember Claire and all of her cute little premee (sp?) hats! Has Claire been seeing Emily regularly? I will call you soon.
Love and Hugs,