Monday, October 27, 2008

weight gain

Emily's weight gain has been slow since she got home. She was 2132 grams on Wednesday when she was released from the hospital. Today I weighed her and she is 2226. She has gained about 90 grams.

At her pediatrician visit on Friday she weighed 4 lbs 11.7 ounces and today she was 4 lbs 12.2 ounces. That is less than an ounce over several days. She should be gaining about half ounce per day. Please pray that she will steadily gain weight. The doctor suggested switching back and forth from one breast to the other several times during each feeding. I tried this today and didn't find it very successful...well at least it didn't seem effective at helping her take more. It just meant that I couldn't get her to latch back on to the other breast, so she finished the feeding sooner than she would've.

I'm pumping 3-4 times per 24 hours now.

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Anonymous said...

Is it an old wives tale, or is the first milk the richest each time they nurse, kind of like the cream? Does the timing of pumping matter? Just wondering. Maybe there is no connection. We're praying. Love, Mom