Friday, October 24, 2008


Yesterday we gave Emily her first tub bath. She likes the water and kicking against the sides of the tub. I also trimmed her fingernails which were very sharp and pointy.

Today she had her first outing away from home. We took her to the pediatrician. It went well. He wants to see her every few days until she's over 5 lbs. We will go back on Monday.

Now it is Saturday. I started writing this yesterday and was interrupted. Mark, Claire, Vaughn, Andrew and Elsa are at the Natural History Museum this afternoon.

Right now Emily is having her first experience with Classical music. She is happily kicking and waving in a little seat.

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Anonymous said...

My heart is filled with thanks for Emily's life at home with her family. All of the details are precious. Thanks for including us. Nanna loves you, Emily! Love to Claire also, whose smile lights up my life. Love and Prayers, Nanna