Sunday, October 19, 2008

Continued progress

Emily is taking all her milk by mouth now. I can feel the difference between how she nursed a couple of weeks ago and how she nurses now. Her suck is getting stronger. She doesn't always want to wake up and latch on though. She will sometimes nurse for 10 minutes and then conk out and refuse to latch on again for 15 mins or so. I can't wait till she is on an "ad lib" "on demand" feeding schedule. Then I won't feel so much pressure to get her to take a specified amount. We are renting a baby scale so we'll be able to weigh her regularly at home to make sure she is gaining.

They want to do an MRI of th head tomorrow because Emily was under 1000 grams at birth. It seems like a total waste to me. She had 3 cranial ultrasounds and none showed any abnormality. They insist that this is standard procedure for all babies born under 1000 grams since they frequently have brain bleeds.

They will also do another ultrasound of the heart tomorrow to verify that the VSD is closing.

I will ask about her homecoming date tomorrow.


Kathy said...

YAY! I want baby Emily to come home! I guess it is more important that she is ready to come home huh? I praise God for all her progress and am so impressed with your strength and determination to fight for her. We will keep praying.

Beth said...

We are so happy that Emily has made such good progress this past week. Renting a baby scale seems like a great idea! That should help a lot. Of course, I am wishing I was closer to be able to come make a toast for her soon to be homecoming. With love, Elisabeth