Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I just woke up at 5 and Claire is still sleeping! Thank you God. It was so nice to have a long chunk of undisturbed sleep. I slept 6 hours. Hopefully after I pump I can catch a few more Z's.
I have a theory that she tends to sleep better or at least has a chance of sleeping better when her dad puts her to sleep. Last night I read stories and said prayers with her then Mark bounced her on the exercise ball and put her in bed.

Claire slept till 5:30. That's 9.5 hours.

Whenever I put mitts or socks on Claire she tells me whether or not they match.
Lately Claire doesn't want me out of her sight. Very clingy. (Not that I'm surprised by this considering the circumstances.)
Claire wants to go lay in Emily's bed. A small co-sleeper next to our bed. She has been very insistent all morning, "Put Claire in Emily's bed."
right now she is serenading me with the guitar which is on a stand in our dining room right near where I'm pumping. she says, "That was a lot of music."

P.S. unlrelated: need to buy a plug-in thermostat

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