Saturday, October 18, 2008

Claire's chores

I keep thinking of writing a post about Claire's chores so here goes...
Claire loves to be involved in whatever the grown-ups are doing ans has taken on some chores.
She loves to rinse dishes and put them in the drainer as they are being washed by an adult.
She puts her dirty clothes in the laundry basket at the end of the day. She tries to empty the dryer lint from the lint catcher. She picks up her books and toys with encouragement. She helps set the table by taking the silverware and putting it on the corner of the table.

We are glad to have our sweet Claire back home. A huge thanks to Nanu and Papa for giving her a wonderful big girl adventure this week. She had a great time.

Emily continues to gain stamina for the feedings. She took all but 20cc of her feedings yesterday. She took two whole feeds from the breast using the supplemental nurser today.


Anonymous said...

WOW-WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! TONS of good news! ANd I LOVE the CLaire the Helper news! Chelsea was the same way, and would be the first to say at the wise old age of 2 when another child wasn't being a helper, "That's very inappropriate behavior, huh mommy?." I found the journal I kept from the time I found out I was pregnant until she was two and gave it to her. Daughters are a Blessing. Glad to hear about the feedings and the heart news (Chels was an ASD). Any talk on a departure date from the hospital?? xox Linda

Anonymous said...

Jen, so glad to hear Emily is home! I hope that both girls decide to sleep well for you. It's tough when they don't go right back to sleep after getting up for any reason. I can relate! And, on the chores... I have little helpers too. Kids like and need to be a part of the 'team' as I call it. I moved our kids cups and dishes (plastic ones) down to their level in a cupboard so they can set the table and unload the dishwasher by themselves. At mealtime it is Eden's job (she's 2), to put the plates on the table. Alice (4) helps her count how many are needed. It's good for their math skills too! So, just thought I'd send over a "way-to-go!" on early chores. Your girls are blessed to have you as their mom!!