Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Due date

Today is Emily's Due Date. I told her happy birthday and took some photos. She is 4 lbs 4 oz or 1998 grams.

Emily seems to be getting fed up with the supplemental nurser. She took a full 38 cc this morning but at noon I couldn't get her to latch on at all. She was awake most of the time between 9 and noon so I guess she was just too tired. St 3 she latched on after some coaxing but refused to latch on again after burping until I switched to the breast without the tubes taped to it. Unfortunately I didn't realize that she latched on with her bottom lip curled in so she was sucking on her lip as well as the breast. I don't think she got much.

We're struggling with an ant infestation here at the home front.

It sure is a challenge keeping us fed and dishes and clothes washed and put away. We sure appreciate all the help we've received from our moms over the last few months.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miss Emily!! I can't wait for you to meet Hank and Tilly! And yes, the ants have been marching ten by ten here in the cabin! How blessed you are to have such loving, attentive moms!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Em! Nanna loves you! Yes, Jen, those little critters can be pesky (the ants). It was my pleasure to do your dishes and laundry! The good folks from St. Michael's helped out with the food a lot. You'll be back into your own routine before long and enjoying your own culinary creations. And with two young daughters, eventually you will have lots of help. Meanwhile, keep it as simple as possible. Love, Mom