Friday, October 10, 2008

mini-conference with NICU doctor

Emily has been in the NICU for 9 weeks now, which is longer than Claire's stay. We wanted to have the doctors explain her situation so we know what to expect instead of guessing based on prior assumptions. The two main factors are her heart, and her feeding skills.

Her heart defect is more severe than Claire's, so it is definitely slowing her growth. But the doctor said that as long as she does continue to grow, that is a good thing. If her growth stopped utterly, then they would have to consider doing the heart surgery now, which is more dangerous the smaller the baby.

Feeding is a combination of instinct and skill, and in a preemie they are lacking in both, so it requires practice and waiting until they "get" it. He said there is often a sudden breakthrough rather than gradual improvement. I think Emily has the skill/instinct already, but seems to get tired or stall out.

The night-shift doctor was very helpful in answering our questions. Coincidently, he was the same doctor that briefed us the night after Emily was born. I filled out a kudos postcard at the hospital in appreciation.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like La Leche League is a good support and very positive. I'm glad the doctor is kind and informative and heartful. Those folks are always appreciated. How's the tricycle going?? I remember Chelsea had a tricycle, but by the time Alex came around, it had to be a big wheel. (Hmmm...that's where I went wrong..... :) Glad trikes are hip again.
xoxox L

Anonymous said...

How nice to have a doc to clarify things for you. We will continue to pray for God's best for you all. Little Emily is such a delicate beauty and loved by her Nanna! Love to Em's mommy and daddy and big sis Claire with Nanu and Papa. Love, Nanna